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Create vocational students Cheap Air Purifier

Create vocational students Cheap Air Purifier - Water crisis faced by people in various areas addressed by the students of SMK Negeri Sukabumi. The students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, Electrical, and Assembly jointly make some equipment to accommodate the water and clear it. These tools have not produced even though expensive, the price is much cheaper than the same tool on the market.
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Humidity Soil Test

Humidity Soil Test - This indicator is called a series of soil moisture because this tool can be used to determine water content in soil or soil moisture. How to use this tool is very simple, namely: probe inserted in the soil near the plant that will be reviewed. LED will flash if the humidity does not work enough and if the humidity is less. Probe can be made from copper wire that dikelupas skins, probe length of approximately 100-150mm. LED should be inverted installation.

Bird Sound Door Bell

Bird Sound Door Bell - Friends may be bored listening to the sound only monoton bell at home, if you make a doorbell iongin with other sound you can try to make a sound with the series of birds. This series is quite simple and PCB is available at many electronics stores.

ELECTRICITY # 4 (Macam-Macam The Electric Energy)

ELECTRICITY # 4 (Macam-Macam The Electric Energy) - Electricity can be generated through various processes.

ELECTRIC # 3 (Benefits)

ELECTRIC # 3 (Benefits) - Electricity numerous benefits for people, for example.

ELECTRICITY # 2 (Power Series)

ELECTRICITY # 2 (Power Series) - Electricity can be divided into a series of three.
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